7 must-visit places in Phu Quoc (P2)

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Sim Grape Garden in Phu Quoc

Another destination for those who are inquisitive about the locals’ agriculture culture is Sim Grape Garden. Like their counterparts in Italy and France, Sim Grape Garden is vast in size and colored with the inviting purple of the new and juicy grapes. Visitors are encouraged to take part in picking the fruit and try the newly fermented grape wine.

Flat Rock Spring and Pointy Rock Spring

Flat Rock Spring and Pointy Rock Spring
Flat Rock Spring and Pointy Rock Spring

These two contrasting sites will take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

For those who prefer a relaxing session in the humming sounds of running water, the former will surely capture your heart, as the Flat Rock Spring, beside its signature flat rocks, is known for the serenity it offers.

Pointy Rock Spring, on the contrary, promises an exciting and invigorating adventure. With seven different waterfalls and diverse jungle landscapes, this is an ideal place for sports activities such as hiking and swimming.

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Dinh Cậu Night Market

When the night falls, the market life rolls into action. Here in the most popular night market in Phu Quoc, you can purchase the best seafood for negotiable prices or order hotly cooked dishes to your accommodation hotels.

Fairy Well

Fairy Well
Fairy Well

Closely related to the historical escape of Emperor Gia Long, the Magic Well’s origin is explained by his mythical encounter with divine creatures. When Gia Long and his people, on their way to escape the fate of an overthrown royalty, stopped by Phu Quoc in the grip of thirst for water. In desperation, Gia Long pointed his sword to the rock and a stream of fresh water spurted out, forming a fresh water pond in the middle of the ocean. As the crack is still visible on the rock, the story prevails as believable and as proof of his supernatural power.

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