Top 5 places to experience the nightlife in Vietnam

Nightlife in Vietnam itself brings many various colors of the different cultures. Spreading out from the North to the South of Vietnam is the streets which will bring you the most memorable experience about the life at nights

If you have the chance to take Vietnam package tour, don’t forget to drop by these 5 below streets.

Ta Hien street, Hanoi city


Ta Hien, a small street belonging to Hanoi Old quarter, is known as the first destination of most of foreign tourists. Every day at the right time when people come home after a long working day and when things at night in the other places in Hanoi become quieter, it is the time for the effervescence in Ta Hien to start a sleepless night. Customs coming to Ta Hien have a wide range of variety, in many different ages, both foreign and domestic customs, both workers and students.


The street has the length of more than 200 meters, highlighted by many rooftops full of moss. The nightlife in Ta Hien is animated with the bars appearing right in the pavements. Table companions sit together on the plastic low stools with the small table putting the cool beer glasses. Enjoying beers – best drinking with some special kinds of food like fried meat roll, fried peanut, etc became the unique culture of this small corner of the street.

Hoi An Street, Quang Nam City


The Hoi An ancient city located in the lower section of Thu Bon River was an animated trading harbor during the 17th, 18th century. It was the good fortune that Hoi An was not destroyed in 2 wars and avoided the urbanizing process at the end of the 20th century. It is the reason why the city keeps mostly the original of the traditional typical architecture of Asian South-East. This is the place which has the mixtủe of culture between Vietnamese, Chinese and French second-to-none architectural houses.

Foreign tourists traveling to Hoi An usually gather in the old street, day by day creates the unparalleled feature there. If you image Ta Hien as a busy crowded street, Hoi An is absolute to the contrary in the nightlife. Hoi An still maintains the original simple soundless life for itself, which brings the peace to tourist’s mind so that they can sink into the cultural traditional values preserved until now.

Western Street, Da Nang city


The street on the breeding ground in Bach Dang – Thai Thien Street became the most attractive destination for foreign tourists.

Western street, Da Nang at night (via

Not only is it the place gathering lots of restaurants, bars, and multiple kinds of food, but it is also the location to organize the events in the big Western holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year. Tourist can gaze with veneration Da Nang at night or Dragon Bridge from many different positions

Western Street, Nha Trang coastal city

Nha Trang coastal city has been built its own trademark to the foreign tourists visiting Vietnam. Western Street in Nha Trang was founded in 1995 when tourists came more and more. It includes some small streets threading way of Hung Vuong, Tran Phu, Tran Quang Khai, Nguyen Thien Thuat. It is not too much crowded, but the street in the nightlife was full of services meeting the demand of tourists.

Western Street, Ho Chi Minh City


Western street is a simple way to call some street in District 1 like Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham. There are many restaurants, bars, hotels, hostel mainly serving for backpacker tourists. For some walking streets like Bui Vien just open on the Saturday and Sunday. But it is not the reason to make the street less animated and effervescent. It appeals to tourist by its mixture of culture, languages, skin colors.

After 7 pm, the nightlife starts, the street is covered with people and vehicles. On the 2 sides of pavement, chairs and tables are arranged neatly with no empty space. There is a feature in Western Street is that people drink beer by bottle, not glass.


Both foreign tourists and domestic tourists come Western streets, they choose the hotels in the area not because of the cheap price but it is also in the center of the city. It just takes them a few minutes to reach to the Ben Thanh Market or Notre Dame Cathedral.

Joining to the nightlife of colorful culture is the best way to relax for tourists. It will really be a pity if you are missing it.

It doesn’t matter what great streets you choose to visit for yourself, they will lead you to where your feeling never gets. So why don’t you stop restricting yourself and enjoy the nightlife in the above places? For more information about Vacation in Vietnam, please visit our website. Share this article if it’s useful to you. Have a nice trip!

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