Center of Vietnam

Middle of Vietnam or The middle is one of the three regions of Vietnam (Northern Vietnam, Middle Vietnam, Southern Vietnam). Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên) are often included in the Central. Sometimes the Central and the Highlands are collectively referred to as Central–Highlands. The name “Trung Bộ” was used by the king Bao Dai when he established administrative level higher than the province in 1945, instead of the Trung Kỳ which recalled the French occupation. This name was officially used by government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and is popularly used today.
Vietnam’s central coast is fast becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most compelling tourism destinations. With attractions ranging from ancient UNESCO World Heritage-listed landmarks to international golf courses, endless stretches of white sandy beach and lush jungle-clad mountains, this diverse region has something to suit all types of travelers.
The region’s tropical climate and long coastline make it an ideal seaside resort destination. The beaches are generally wide, flat and lapped by warm gentle seas, making them suitable for both swimming and beach sports and ideal for families.
Of course, Vietnamese cuisine is becoming famous across the world for its fresh ingredients and rich flavors. And Central Vietnam adds a unique twist to the country’s culinary artistry. The region’s long coastline offers abundant local seafood, and the multiple street food stalls and local eateries are now complemented by international restaurants and fine-dining establishments.
With these attractions, Vacation in Vietnam designed Vietnam travel tours, especially tours to the center so that visitor have chance to enjoy and experience Vietnam country’s beauty.

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