Flower gardens on Red River

Many flower gardens along the shore of the Red River in Hanoi have become tourist destinations. Let’s discover some of them.

>>Minh Mang tomb

>>Tu Duc tomb

Flower gardens on Red River

Referring to Nhat Tan, people often think of the most famous peach village of Hanoi. However, in recent years, Nhat Tan not only attracts tourists with peach blossoms but also with its poetic and romantic valley with lots of artificial flowers in blossom.

From Au Co road, turn into 264, go straight to the Red River ground and roadsides, many garden houses are eye-catching.

Besides cherry blossoms, there are other species such as cypress flower, yellow cauliflowers, climbing roses, daisies, blueberries. creating colorful flower gardens.

Garden houses such as Phuong Linh, Bach Nhat, Dao Linh, Thuong Uyen, Hiep Vu, Red River groundare attractions to take souvenir photos.

Flower gardens on Red River
Flower gardens on Red River

Select a destination in the Red River ground at the end of lane 264 Au Co, its surroundings cause visitors to be overwhelmed.

A large space of tens of hectares with numerous romantic scenes is created.

Wooden bridge crossing water lakes with reeds below, green trees, nice swings, and windmill create a romantic atmosphere together with landscapes of Vietnamese traditional villages such as: ox, a plow, straw, water jars and even cyclo, jeeps, etc.

Along with garden house rentals for photo shooting, lots of other services exist such as parking, equipment rental for photographic accessories, dining, horseback riding.

The entrance fee

Flower gardens on Red River
Flower gardens on Red River

The entrance fee of the Red River flower gardens is VND30,000/person, parking fee VND5,000/motorcycle and food extra cost.

It is VND60,000 – VND100,000/person for a photographic trip. This fee is considered reasonable for student’s budget.

The Red River ground has become a must-visit destination for Hanoi youngsters whether weekdays or holidays.

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